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Alleluia is Our Song

Alleluia! We haven’t heard that word for a while—in fact, a little over six weeks. Alleluia is the word we ring out again at Easter. Alleluia means “Praise the Lord!” And, at Easter we praise our God for the greatest event that has taken place in all of creation—Jesus has been raised from the dead. […]

healing touch

The Healing Touch

Your skin is a very special creation by God. And one of the primary functions of your skin is to help you “feel” the world around you. There are at least five different types of receptors in the skin that help us respond to pain and to touch. And in blind people, the brain becomes rewired so they can respond to stimulus […]

News & Announcements

Friday Eucharistic Adoration – Jesus is Calling You!!

Open House. All are Invited. Each week Jesus holds a special Open House in the peacefulness of our beautiful church. He invites us to spend quiet time with Him to give thanks for blessings received and to tell Him about our pressing concerns. Please consider signing up for a half-hour or more to visit Our […]

FAMILY FORMATION – A Different Approach to Religious Education

FAMILY FORMATION is a whole family approach to learning and living the Catholic Faith. The Family Formation Program at Holy Cross serves families with children in grades K – 6. It is a faith formation opportunity for the entire family. Families are supported and encouraged in their efforts to pray, worship, and grow in faith […]

The Life of St. John Bosco: Indiscriminate Love

Saint John Bosco accomplished what many people considered an impossibility. He walked through the streets of Turin, Italy, looking for the dirtiest, roughest urchins he could find, then made good men of them. His extraordinary success can be summed up in the words of his patron Saint, Francis de Sales: “The measure of his love […]