Walk to Jerusalem

Join us as we take an imaginary walk of 6310 miles from Champaign to Jerusalem to improve not only our physical, but also our spiritual health.

Starting Ash Wednesday, walk and record your mileage. Pray while you walk! 20 minutes equals 1 mile.

Record your name and mileage and drop your log slip in the envelope located in the back of church or in the Parish Center.

Our goal is to make it to Jerusalem by Easter!

If you haven’t participated in the past we encourage you to join in this year. We would love to have EVERYONE participate.

Even if you are unable to walk, 20 minutes of armchair aerobics counts as 1 mile.

Students, your gym classes count too–just remember to pray while you play.

Questions, call Parish Nurses Karen Olivero at 351-3181 or Gerrie Rein at 351-6169.