Go Digital With Your Devotions: 10 Catholic iPhone Apps for Lent

iphone-lentDid you give up the Internet for Lent?

Don’t give it up! Use it…for spiritual growth.

Here are 10 Catholic iPhone apps you can download and use for your Lenten devotions.

Apps are great for devotions. You always have your phone with you…so you always have your devotional. If you’re waiting in line, pull out your phone and start reading a meditation. Stuck in traffic? Listen to a sermon.

Some of these are popular so you may have seen them, but I’ll bet there’s at least 5 you haven’t seen before. I’m excited about Fighter Verse. It’s protestant but it could be very useful for Lent. It gives you Bible verses for specific topics and has tools to help you memorize them. Very handy during Lent when you’re looking for a verse to help you fight temptations.

With these apps, you’ll never pull out that paper  Lenten devotional again…well, maybe not as often. Check it out.

Year of Faith – http://catholicapps.com/myyearoffaithapp

Catholic Sermon – http://catholicapps.com/catholicsermo…

The Pope App –http://catholicapps.com/thepopeapp

Steubenville – http://catholicapps.com/steubenville

Fighter Verse – http://catholicapps.com/fighterverse

Mea Culpa – http://catholicapps.com/meaculpa

Catholic Meditations for Lent by Thomas Aquinas –http://catholicapps.com/aquinaslent

John Paul II (eVotions) – http://catholicapps.com/evotions

Lighthouse Catholic Media Bible –http://catholicapps.com/lighthousecat…
Promo Code: 102318

Magnificat Lent Companion – http://catholicapps.com/magnificatlen

For more information visit: http://catholicapps.com

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