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Good morning. I hope that you had a good Mother’s day and helped celebrate (in some form) all of those biological, adoptive, foster, bonus and spiritual Mothers out there.   And whether our Moms are living or deceased or if our children are the same those spiritual ties remain always.

I hope that all of you and your families are safe and healthy.

We heard from two families we assisted with food assistance and  one with homemade donated masks. Honestly, they were truly grateful for the help that was extended to them in this difficult time. Please continue to pray for all of the families struggling right now.  The emotional and financial toll on families is tremendous.   Please continue to pray for the man who is recovering from that horrific car crash and his wife as he continues his recuperation. We feel privileged in helping make their lives a little bit better.

We have had people want to donate furniture: a rattan couch, an oversized umbrella, medical equipment of a good walker and a commode, and a vacuum cleaner. We are delivering the rattan couch and matching chair today!  The man who helps us deliver furniture has his own truck and we are grateful that he volunteers to do this on his own time and at his own expense. He is a lovely man!  The receiving family has several children and limited means and we are gladly happy to help out.  We have more furniture that is being donated, and we will find out more particulars there. 

One of our Moms wants to share her bounty of extra food via food stamps.  We are in the process of donating that food to the SVdP food pantry at St. Patrick in Urbana.  She is physically buying and delivering food herself – which is fantastic. That ‘pay-it-forward’ attitude is absolutely wonderful.   

People have been very generous in donating diapers. I just picked up a few small packages of size 5’s.  I have received another donation from a parishioner, and we will put those funds to good use! Recently we received Aldi gift cardsdonations of funds – including two parishioners at Holy Cross wanting to donate a part of their stimulus checks to us to help families in need.   That is so fantastic that in this time, people are thinking of others!  We are SO GRATEFUL for all of these generous donations.  It is so great to see our Moms smile.  They are praying for their benefactors and I am praying in thanksgiving for others’ generosity.

Need(s):   We need gift cards and funds to help our families with food insecurities. We accept gift cards from Aldi, Walmart, Target and Walgreens.                          
•   size 3 (no luvs), and 5 diapers, and size 6 pullups both boys and girls

** Please keep these families, and all families in your prayers!  **
If your family would like to help with any of these needs, please contact Joy at 359-8406.  Thank you!

We are using ZOOM technology to meet with the Pro-Life Discussion Group. We are providing times to practice getting on using Zoom. We have 9 of us connected with more to come. We will still have meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month.  The next meeting is May 18th at 1 pm. If anyone is interested, I can send them the link to come on to our meetings. 

This group is ecumenical – and that many of these women have come to want to be actively involved with Pro-Life issues after the Unplanned movie and the beautiful talk by Abby Johnson last Fall. they are all on fire and are all actively involved. We always have an educational component to our meeting and the next meeting will be addressing ethical vaccines and the myth of over-population. We normally have a beautiful and lively discussion.

Please pray for an ethical vaccine for COVID-19.  Some current vaccines are built on aborted fetal cells.  Thankfully the new shingles vaccine is not – but the prior one was!

We hope and pray that when ever they come up with a vaccine, it will not involve aborted fetal cells in any way. We need to pray and be vocal and active on this to help our researchers build a vaccine that is ethical.

That is it from here.

Stay home and be safe.  I am so grateful to our priests who are doing a courageous job of making Mass, daily reflections and special events available (like drive-thru confessions and benediction etc)!!  so so great.

God bless you all.

Please take care.  And thank you,

Joy Pace

Holy Cross Pro-Life Committee

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